Côte de boeuf grillée, sauce bordelaise et pommes amandines

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On today's set menu  there is a grilled rib ofhttp://1.bp.blogspot.com/-DwBTTFpnzVU/ToqUQlPRafI/AAAAAAAAF1A/UcUJBIeujDk/s1600/Duchess+of+Kent+review+Liverpool+Road+rib+of+beef.JPG beef, with potatoes

"amandines" and a Bordelaise



The rib of beef is grilled and

served with a typical sauce


from the Bordeaux region. It


is made up of finely chopped


(ciselé) shallots and red wine.




potatoes consist of a seasoned purée of mashed potatoes,


egg yolk, butter and almond powder (poudre) and flakes


(éffilées) that are baked (cuit/e au four)  until golden




The rif beef has been prepared/trimmed (parée) and then 


put in a marinade. 

In the meantime (pendant ce temps-là), peel the potatoes, 


cook them and prepare the Duchess potatoes --> mash


(purée) + butter + egg yolk. All this will beb baked (cuit au


four) with almond (amande)  flakes (effiléés)  and almond powder




For the Bordelaise sauce, boil down (réduire) finely


chopped (ciselées) shallots and red wine. Add some brown


veal stock (fond de veau brun).


On the plate, you will add some cubes of beef marrow


bones that will have been cooked in the Bordelaise sauce. 


How do the clients like their meat cooked? 


Bleu : very rare


Saignant: rare


A point: medium 


Bien cuit: very well done






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