Cuisine: oeufs en gelée et magret de canard

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poached eggs in jelly / aspic (gelée) with ham.

Today on the set menu there are: 

1st step: poach the eggs and make the jelly/ aspic.

then prepare the garnish made up of ham, red

peppers, parsley (persil) and tomatoes. The eggs will

be served on a bed (lit) of salad. 

Once (une fois que) the eggs are poached, put them in

moulds (moules) and set them aside (réserver) in the

fridge (réfrigérateur) for 1 hour.

Last (en dernier) put them on a plate on a bed of salad

with a parsley sprig (brin).

Then the chef prepared: "Magrets de canard sautés, 

sauce poivre vert et pommes cocotte".

These are sautéed duck breast fillets in a peppercorn

sauce served with cocottes potatoes. 

 A cocotte potato is cut into an oval (like an American

football) about the size of an olive. 

1st step: defat / trim (dégraisser) the duck fillets then set them


After, prepare and set the green peppercorrn sauce to cook. 

During that time, turn the cocotte potatoes and then

blanch (blanchir) them. Next brown (rissoler) them in

the oven with oil and butter. 

In the meantime (pendant ce temps-là) sautée the duck

fillets. Don't overcook (trop cuire) them they should

be very rare (saignant). 

Present (dresser) the duck fillets on a plate with the green

peppercorn sauce and cocotte potatoes on the side. 



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