Fricassée de volaille aux Primeurs, riz Basmati

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Chicken White Stew with its seasonal vegetables and Basmati rice

Before all this prepare your work station (plan de travail) with all your equipment and your chopping board (planche à découper)


Don't forget to wash your hands



1- cut/carve (découper) the chicken into pieces when it is raw (cru)

2-Make a white stock (fond blanc) with the carcasses.

3- Prepare the garnish (garniture) :

*clean the mushrooms and cut them into 4.

* wash the carrots and cut them in sticks

* wash the asparaguses and keep only the tip (pointe)



* peel the baby onions and chop them f


inely (ciseler).

4- Set the stew to cook (marquer en cuisson): flour (fariner) the pieces (morceaux) and fry them.

5- Set the rice to cook (Pilau cooking method)


6- Finish the white stew: decant it (décanter)


-boil down (réduire) the sauce

-Strain (passer) the sauce. 


Lastly set up/arrange  (dresser) on a plate and then send (envoyer).


Watch this video to learn how to cut a whole chicken











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