Menu complet du lundi 25 mars 2013

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Today on the set menu, there are poached eggs in jelly / aspic (gelée) with ham jambon) with red peppers, parsley (persil) and parsley sprig (brin) .They are served on a bed of salad.

Then the chef prepared delicious "Magrets de canard sautés, sauce poivre vert et pommes cocotte". These are sautéed duck breast fillets in a green peppercorn sauce (sauce au poivre vert) served with cocottes potatoes. A cocotte potato is cut into an oval (like an American football) about the size of an olive. They are normally served rare (saignant).


And to finish the pastry chef prepared a mouth-watering fruit tart. It is made up of shortcrust pastry (pâte brisée) and delicious apples, peaches and mangoes (mangues).

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