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  • Blog anglais resto cuisine de Thierry Sadiki

    25 septembre 2011 ( #Accueil )

    Bonjour Mon blog a migré po ur des questions techn iques surtout. i il s'adresse aux élèves de toutes les filières restauration/ service. Il c o mpren dra des ressourc es en pour les élèves de ces filières et au ssi pour les collègues. Ce blog est évolutif...

  • vocabulary exercises

    25 septembre 2011 ( #Vocabulaire )

    Hey there Here are some nice links with exercises so that you can revise or learn some catering vocabulary. These visual exercises are very easy!

  • How to make shortcrust pastry videos

    28 septembre 2011 ( #2nde BTN 2011-12 )

    Hello, Yesterday the chef taught you how to make shortcrust pastry. Here are videos showing how to make shortcrust pastry. I will post a worksheet for you to work on the videos. The ingredients: 1 egg yolk 50 gr of water A pinch of salt 0.125 Kg of butter...

  • How to make puff pastry

    02 octobre 2011 ( #1ère Prof Restauration 2011-12 )

    Hello Here is a very good series of images showing how to make puff pastry in 20 seconds. 1- Watch the 1st video and on a piece of paper write down what she does. 2- Watch the 2nd video and do the same thing 3- This video is in Italian with subtitles...

  • Tuesday's Menu (17/01/2012)

    18 janvier 2012 ( #2nde BTN 2011-12 )

    Here is the correction of Tuesday's menu Starter Seafood pilau rice or Seafood pilaf rice Here is a recipe that you can have a look at. link Main course Sautéed rabbit served with artichoke bottoms and hearts A recipe below

  • Fricassée de volaille aux Primeurs, riz Basmati

    11 mars 2013 ( #2BTN 2013 gr2 )

    Chicken White Stew with its seasonal vegetables and Basmati rice Before all this prepare your work station (plan de travail) with all your equipment and your chopping board (planche à découper) Don't forget to wash your hands First 1- cut/carve (découper)...

  • Menu complet du lundi 11 Mars 2013

    11 mars 2013 ( #2BTN 2013 gr1 )

    On today’s menu for the starter there is: A poached egg Massena. The poached egg is served on an artichoke bottom (fond d'artichaut) garnished with Béarnaise sauce (1)and topped with tomato sauce. It is served with beef bone marrow (moelle de boeuf)....

  • Menu complet du lundi 18 Mars 2013

    18 mars 2013 ( #2BTN 2013 gr2 )

    Today on our set menu there is a smoked salmon, shrimp and avocado salad. The salad is made up of smoked salmon and trout (truite) and served with its vinaigrette sauce as the salad dresing (=sauce salade). To follow there is a grilled rib of beef, with...

  • Côte de boeuf grillée, sauce bordelaise et pommes amandines

    18 mars 2013 ( #2BTN 2013 gr1 )

    On today's set menu there is a grilled rib of beef, with potatoes "amandines" and a Bordelaise sauce. The rib of beef is grilled and served with a typical sauce from the Bordeaux region. It is made up of finely chopped (ciselé) shallots and red wine....

  • Cuisine: oeufs en gelée et magret de canard

    25 mars 2013 ( #2BTN 2013 gr2 )

    poached eggs in jelly / aspic (gelée) with ham. Today on t he set menu there are: 1st step: poach the eggs and make the jelly/ aspic. then prepare the garnish made up of ham, red peppers, parsley (persil) and tomatoes. The eggs will be served on a bed...

  • Menu complet du lundi 25 mars 2013

    25 mars 2013 ( #2BTN 2013 gr1 )

    Today on the set menu, there are poached eggs in jelly / aspic (gelée) with ham jambon) with red peppers, parsley (persil) and parsley sprig (brin) . They are served on a bed of salad. Then the chef prepared delicious "Magrets de canard sautés, sauce...

  • oeufs farcis chimay

    08 avril 2013 ( #2BTN 2013 gr2 )

    Today's starter was: stuffed eggs chimay-style. This recipe is adapted from the French Culinary Institute. This photo is just an illustration taken from google. You started by preparing the mushroom Duxelles. For the Mushroom Duxelles you needed shallots...

  • Menu complet du lundi 8 Avril 2013

    08 avril 2013 ( #2BTN 2013 gr1 )

    For today's menu there was: Œufs farcis Chimay Poulet Grillé à l’Américaine Sauce Diable Tiramisu For the starter the chef prepared some stuffed eggs, Chimay style. The half hard-boiled eggs (oeuf dur) are hollowed (évidés) and stuffed with the yolk and...

  • What do you know about chef knives?

    25 septembre 2011 ( #2nde BTN 2011-12 )

    Hello to you all This is the "what do you know about..." series. Video 1: Chef knives STEP 1: watch the video (as many times as you need) STEP 2: write the name of each knife (you can use the worksheet I gave you) STEP 3: write what it is used for. To...

  • The vegetables

    25 septembre 2011 ( #Vocabulaire )

    Hello Here is some more vocabulary for you. Practise it at home with the pronunciation. Click here to listen to the words. Enjoy Thierry

  • Setting the table

    06 octobre 2011 ( #1ère Prof Restauration 2011-12 )

    Hello Here are different ways of setting/ laying the table. You should learn this by heart. 1- 2- 3- Enjoy and if you have questions....feel free to send me an email.... Thierry

  • Potage cultivateur

    10 octobre 2011 ( #2nde BTN 2011-12 )

    Hello Here is a video showing the recipe of the potage cultivateur or farmer soup or garden vegetable soup or country-style soup. Watch it here and give the ingredients and describe the different steps. Enjoy Thierry

  • Choux à la chantilly

    10 octobre 2011 ( #2nde BTN 2011-12 )

    Hello Here is a very interesting video on how to make cream puffs. Watch both and describe the different steps. And this one for crème chantilly or whipped cream Enjoy You can also browse the blog with your mobile phone, here is the address:

  • Menu en anglais pour le TP

    08 octobre 2011 ( #document de cours )

    Bonjour Les document pour le menu en anglais pour le TP se trouve ici Bonne journée Thierry Sadiki