Menu complet du lundi 8 Avril 2013

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For today's menu there was:


Œufs farcis Chimay
Poulet Grillé à l’Américaine Sauce Diable


For the starter the chef prepared some stuffed eggs, style. The half hard-boiled eggs (oeuf dur) are hollowed (évidés) and stuffed with the yolk and a mushroom Duxelles (finely chopped mushrooms with shallots and parsley). They are topped (nappés) with Mornay sauce and gratinated for a few minutes. the main course, there was:

an American devilled chicken. It is a grilled chicken that is breadcrumbed (pané) and coated (enduit) with mustard (moutarde) garnished with grilled tomatoes, bacon and mushrooms, watercress (cresson) and potatoes. It is served with a sauce made up of shallots, white wine vinegar, chicken stock and aromatic herbs. last the pastry chef prepared a delicious tiramisu. It is a cream dessert with mascarpone ( fat, thick and creamy cheese), sponge fingers (boudoirs biscuits) and dark chocolate. 


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